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Handmade Epi Leather Clutch/Envelope Bag

Handmade Epi Leather Clutch/Envelope Bag

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Original Style. Superior Quality. UK Made. Modern clutch, perfect for day or night. The handle makes it quite comfortable to hold on to and there is plenty of room inside. This bag makes carrying a clutch comfortably. Made from unlined high-quality Italian Epi Leather.

A key characteristic of Epi leather is its durability and ability to withstand any weather condition.

100% handmade. From cuts to sewing all it's handmade so this bag will last for many many years.

Free delivery in the UK in a beautiful package which can be used as a gift pack.

Choose the right colour for you

Measures 10 inches by 5.5 inches by 1.5 inches (26cm by 15cm by 4 cm).- Please allow a difference of +/- 1cm as every single bag is unique and does not following a specific pattern.


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